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Planet Surface Plots

Prevent players from "owning" planets by buying all planetary plots.
Every month each city runs a deteriorate function that accounts for certain parameters. When certain requirements are not met for a period of time, the planet retakes the plot, making it retake-able by another person or faction.
Combat function added to allow city to be razed. When a city is encountered, it can be attacked. When a city reaches a certain level of damage, a "Raze City" option is provided to the player, an alert is given to the owner of the city (part of balancing). While the city is being razed, the player must remain in the city. If razed, the attacking entity will receive a percentage of the facilities leveled market value, the NPCs in the area (captured), and possibly items, ships, droids.
Power will be rewritten as a city and not per facility. The city will have a required and used power value. Building power generating facilities will increase available power; building facilities will increase used power.

Settlement Hierarchy Implemented 8/11/2017

When settling a planet and purchasing a plot on a planet, the player will no longer be able to build massive cities instantly.
Each planet plot is generated with a native population.
When a plot is purchased, depending on the native population, it will either be an Isolate (under 1k population) with 3 building slots or a village (1k population) with 6 building slots.
Depending on what is built, the native population will remain the same, however the population in the plot will grow, and every month, the size will be checked, and if the population reaches a new threshold, more spaces may become available (up to 48 with a Metropolis with 1m or more population).
If the population drops, the facilities built at a higher tier will remain, but if there are income or tax facilities, they will suffer a profit loss (from lack of population).

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