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Navigating the vastness of the galaxy is important, as long as you're not a hermit (which is ok, too).


Everything in the galaxy is built or fabricated, nothing is pre-generated aside from the planets.

Fleet Management?

In space and on the ground, you need to be able to manage your fleets, here's how.

Party Management

Keeping NPCs and Droids in your party can serve as protection, better ship/vehicle command, as well as perks to you.


Ground to space combat is seamless, learn more.


When an entity is no longer wanted, either from damage, being destroyed, or demand for a specific resource, ships equipped with the Salvage Array?, and empty space within the cargo hold can reclaim a small percentage of the materials used in its construction. If a station or facility is close enough to the entity to be salvaged, hauling it to a recycling facility or station will yield higher percentages of materials.


Produced entities can be recycled to regain higher percentages of their required materials. This is different from salvaging, as it is done only in facilities that are capable of recycling.

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