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Factions are the basis for quite a bit of the game, however people can work together in smaller groups and still achieve similar results(such as governance). For new players, joining a faction is a good way to make in-game credits to get started. To see what is required to found a faction of given type, check their respective manifest.


Government factions provide certain abilities to governance. Other non-government factions can merge with a government, increasing the governments size, as well as providing additional abilities to those other factions as a subsidiary. If a government merges with another government, than the merging government is dissolved, and the assets are transferred to the new government. See Government Manifest for details.


Ship factions own ship blueprints, and are the only groups that can manufacture ships. Facilities and stations that can produce ships must be owned or operated by a ship faction in order for production to begin or continue. See Ship Faction Manifest for additional details.


Vehicles range from personal speeder-type to massive war tanks.


Item factions manufacture goods that are used for survival, stealth, tracking, and a host of other skills.


Weapon factions have the ability to build both mounted and carried weapons.


Droid producing factions can not only produce droids, they can also build human piloted robotics. These require systems used in other manufacturing sectors, such as the Solar Salvage Exoskeleton requires the salvaging laser used in certain ships.


Material extraction is paramount to a successful faction.


Scrap those damaged ships and wrecks to return some of the initially used materials.

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