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Enemy must be within perception range of the player, or of the vessel the player is in. If in range, and weapons are ranged accordingly, an attack can be made. After an attack is made, the weapon enters a cool-down phase, at which time the player cannot attack again based upon the weapons cool-down time. This is to ensure players do not attack with multiple weapons without giving the opponent a fair time frame to counter. It also removed the "weapons switch" mechanic, as they were combined for ease of use.

Vehicles/Facilities that have surface to space range, such as Missile Silos, vessels within appropriate range will show up on the scanner.

Ships with space to ground bombing capabilities will also be given a much more lengthy list of available targets. However for balancing, not all facilities will show up for the planet, and the chance of hitting a target is lowered based on the weapon and various other factors. Facilities have an assigned EM Reading level, facilities such as shield projectors, for example, will be much higher, and therefore more visible during scans.

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