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A completely player-driven space exploration and domination game.

  • OS: Linux, Mac OSX, Windows
  • Genre: Multiplayer, Space, Sandbox, 4X+
  • Perspective: Top-down
  • System Requirements: TBD

Developer Updates

8/3/2017 - Server Update

The multiplayer server is headed in the right direction now, the client is responding better to the packets being sent, now that we have identified why so many were not being received by the client even when they ~appear~ to be sent.

Currently in the process of writing new table modifiers to optimize the packet sizes sent out for the existing code before moving on.

During a discord conversation, I found the original thread in the Love2D forum. Looks like the game has been in development since 2015... where has the time gone.

8/6/2017 - Server Update / Client Update

Player actions are now working much better with the server, and response times are much higher even on slower connections. The planet databases are still too large to send the system with the planet data, so in the process of rewriting the packaging code to send dynamically when the player begins descent to a planet.

Client is now loading the images for the systems appropriately, still working on dynamically loading the planet. UI now responding better to the data retrieved from the server, noticed when the game is running a little on the slow side the hover data seems to hang in the old position for a second, may look at moving the menu off screen at end of loop to fix this.

Once the planetary body drawing is functional again, Ill begin working on the other player controlled entities being drawn in real time again.

Also, to answer some of the question I have received lately; I dont use a repository for the code, I use an external hard drive for version control. The original version of the game is around (single player) but since there was no AI implemented, theres literally nothing to do, as the addition of building and combat were just functions that moved to the server. The test server that was used at that time was to test the player/faction features that used the DBMS, and while it worked (within limited scope), did not transition well to the new server system, and may be released later for people to tinker with for their own use.



2016 (Windows Development)


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